Tales of dragons and demons guarding the portals of Google

nce upon a long time ago a baby was born

in a village on the banks of a river where the crocodiles lived. The fair maid Heather and her Prince Byron joyful and the baby was loved. The Prince Byron was a restless sort, always seeking his fortune in places elsewhere. It is said that when his ship came in, Byron was heading north over the mountains not to be seen for many years.

The fair maid was left with three children, she cooked, sewed and did many jobs to earn enough to support the family. This tale is of an impoverished child who became a knight. The child had dreams and worked hard at his learning under the tutelage of some great task masters and some less so. In his teens the the boy was told by an evil task master, that his dreams were not to be.

The boy left the centre of learning to seek his fortune. After a year of working he went to war, to fulfil his duty and serve his country, The boy became a man and completed his service. Upon completion of his service he was to be apprenticed to a small firm that serviced and repaired iron horses. While talking to the master, he was advised that working on iron horses was never going to earn him his fortune, talk about bad advice.

The young man went forth and was apprenticed to a firm that repaired horseless carriages. A year later Byron reappeared and the young man was joyous to be reunited with his long lost father. His father insisted that the young man enter the family business and was then apprenticed to hew wood. He learned how to make furniture and cabinets.

Some time after the young man had learned to hew wood he was in a Tavern in the city of gold and a fair maiden caught his eye. He was in love. He shared his ale and took her home on the iron horse. Tis another tale that one but true love played it's role.

Years later he was introduced to a machine that could do calculations beyond anything he had ever seen before. This magical machine could claculate all the wages for one thousand men in a fraction of the time that six maidens could do the calculations. The young man was hired to sell these machines. He worked hard and was moderately successful, but had dreams of being the squire.

In this time he was to wed the maiden fair in a quiet ceremony with friends and family.

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