It is said that the overwhelming majority of manuscripts on the web will never be seen by any but those who created them , the squire that required them. and the few in the inner circle. The best place to hide a manuscript is on the second page of the manuscript of Google is understood by all who have met the demons and dragons in battle.

The manuscript of Google was created in the bowels of Hogwarts it is theorised by those in the know, It is proclaimed that without an understanding of the very pathways of the web the dragons and demons cannot be found. The mighty sword of SEO can sniff out these creatures and vanquish them one by one. It is said that one hundred and one dragons guard the manuscript and countless demons as well.

There are many that try and bypass the dragons and when found are punished for their transgressions, manuscripts that once appeared on page one, disappeared into the far reaches of the ether because they failed to follow the rules. The dragons must be defeated, they cannot be bypassed. Bypassing them may yield short term pickings but they can sniff the gold being looted, these dragons and they will attack from nowhere.

The first dragon is known only as information. Only superior knowledge and value can defeat this particular dragon. The manuscript of Google has a fondness for dragons that can blow one thousand, eight hundred and ninety smoke rings. It is said that the average manuscript on the top of the manuscript of Google has much information.

The next dragons are only known as Title and Description. These are important dragons because they determine if your manuscript meets the standards for inclusion. These dragons can make it easy for your manuscipt to be found and also give reason for the manuscript to be viewed.

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Pretoria web design is a division of Pretoria Web development. This site focuses on the dragons protecting Google from bad content. Do not just arrive, make an appointment so that you won't be disappointed.

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