In this time he was to wed the maiden fair in a quiet ceremony with friends and family.

He decided to start his own business hewing furniture and crafting goods from wood. He became well nown in the city of Gold for his abilities. In his free time he would play with the machines that he had sold previously and a magical item was invented. It plugged into the machine and into the wall and made odd sounding but musical noises before starting to open manuscripts about places wonderous and fair.

The young man found IRC and was suddenly able to communicate with people in far of lands, lands that he had heard about. He spoke to people in the lands to the east and in lands far to the north, as well as to the west. He heard spoken of the magic called HTML and he learned how to craft manuscripts that could be seen but not touched.

In the year of our Lord 1996 he crafted such a manuscript for the first time. The only problem is that in the time when one hundred megabytes was considered vast and fourteen and four tenths of a kilobyte was considered fast, many, many people had no faith in the network known as the world wide web. The young man was unable to make a living selling these manuscripts, but he was earning enough coin hewing wood.

In the year of our Lord 1998 the young man and his young family journeyed to the market. On the way there they were beset by highway men. The land he loved was in the throes of change and had become a dangerous place. The young man and his steed fought off the highway man, but the young couple decided that it may be wise to travel and seek out their fortune in a land to the north.

Not many weeks later, they boarded a large bird that winged them away to a place he had only heard of. This far away land was greener than any he had ever seen, the rains came and never left, The sun was to appear on the rare occassions. It was joked that summer was in July in this land. The young man lived by his wits and his knowledge of HTML was put to use. In the city of Londinium he gained experience and skills. He earned good coin and learned much. He added CSS, PHP, SEO and SEM to his quiver.

Some years later the young man made the decision to return to the place of his birth on the banks of the river where the crocodiles lived. His family were delighted to welcome him back into the fold, Hs mother Heather was joyous. The young man used his skills and his trusty sword of SEO, to slay the dragons at the portals of the great manuscript of Google for the squires in the village. The squires found their businesses on the front page of the manuscript of Google and were joyous. They heaped praise on the young knight. Coin however was in short supply.

After a while the young knight returned to the hewing of wood to earn his coin. He saw his son and daughter leave the village to seek their fortune in the city to the west as he had done many years earlier. In the winter of the year of our Lord 2016 great tragedy occurred. The fair maid Heather was struck down. The knight was devastated. At this time to be known as the time of great mourning five others were removed by the writers of the tale.

The knight and his fair lady were now the only members of the family remaining in the village. The decision was made to journey to the city to be closer to the bairns. The knught continued hewing wood and was rewarded with coin. It was a time of growth and then came the injury. The healing took months and the knight returned to the hewing of wood.

One day he was unable to lift somethng heavy, His wounds had reopened. The knights fair lady demanded that he give up the hewing of wood. Discussions were had and various ideas were tried. The knight decided to take down the sword of seo and eneter into battle with the dragons and demons guarding the portals of the manuscript of Google once more. In only a few weeks he had slain enough of them to achieve the much wanted spot at the top of the manuscript of Google.

The battles are not yet won, they are only beginning and the knight is ready to enter the battle on your behalf. Do you want to grow your firm, then the talk to the knight and allow him to employ the mighty sword of SEO for you.

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